Current Tools

Autodesk Maya Maya is the backbone of my production process. Although many of my models start elsewhere (Rhino, Modo and z-brush), Maya is where I do most of my rigging, dynamics, scripting and animation. Great tool, despite many bugs, some deep unstability and lots of missing nice-to-have features. Still the best technical director’s animation system.

Luxology Modo Modo is an amazing subdivision surface modeler (aka, sub-D modeler). The workflow is super customizable and the tools let you build just about anything, especially organic surfaces. The best for modeling characters and realistic creatures.

Rhinoceros (Rhino) This Nurbs modeler was originally created for ship design. It’s fantastic for creating organic fair-curved surfaces like boat hulls and industrial designs. Lacks the intuitive modeling flow of subDs, but makes up for it with incredibly fast and efficient Booleans and curve trimming tools. My favorite for industrial modeling, especially when things have to fit into real-world dimensions.

RealFlow RealFlow is a powerful fluid dynamics and rigid-body simulation system. I’m just getting the hang of using it in production, but it’s far faster and more reliable than other tools I’ve used. It works really cleanly as an add-on to Maya.

Photoshop. The software that changed everything. I didn’t know what resolution was before this. Now resolution rules my world. Photoshop still lives on my desktop.

After Effects. I met the creators of AE at MacWorld Expo, Boston, in a flea-bag hotel, back in like, 1990, when the company — two brothers and a friend — were known as CoSA (Company of Science and Art.) After Effects also changed everything — over time. I still have this one on my desktop, too.

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